Visionary design award

December 2nd, 2003

One of the sites we built last year has been nominated for a Visionary design award. Our “Revision and Exams” site has been put into the category of “Youth and Education” which is a little confusing since the site is not really a youth site but it is an educational one. The competition comes from the likes of Coventry University (whoopee – I went there) and The London School of Hygiene as well as a few others I haven’t come across before. We’ve got a 1 in 6 chance of winning.

Also up for an award is Ian Lloyd’s Nationwide site, British Telecom’s Age and Disability and Manchester United’s Access site (along with a whole load more).

The Visionary Design Awards are part of an ongoing campaign by the National Library for the Blind (NLB) to encourage website publishers and designers to consider access technology such as magnification, text to speech and refreshable Braille when they are designing their sites.

The websites eligible for these Awards have been nominated by visually impaired people and other members of the public. NLB would like to thank everyone who nominated websites for the Awards.

The chances are that we wont win since there is some seriously stiff competition. Whilst our site is fairly accessible, it’s not as accessible as it could be with the tools and knowledge we have today. It’ll be an interesting evening out in London anyhow. I wont be able to get blotto at the do due to the fact that I shall be driving home in the small hours. This will however leave me in a decent enough state to let you know how we do tomorrow.