Dear catastrophe waitress (Belle and Sebastian)

December 5th, 2003

I’ve been listening to Belle and Sebastian since first seeing them play the theme from “Teachers” (The Boy with the Arab strap) at Glastonbury a few years back. I’ve not unearthed their back-catalogue yet but The Boy with the Arab strap ranks up there with my favourite albums.

Their latest disc, “Dear Catastrophe Waitress” combines more 60s influences, specifically the music of Simon and Garfunkel. Sprinkled in with that are nods to Thin Lizzy (I’m a Cuckoo) and Ashes to Ashes Bowie (Stay Loose). In fact “Stay Loose” is a real mishmash of postmodernism. You’ve got the Ashes to ashes style verses sung in a Ray Davies voice with choruses with chords straight out of The Jam’s finest moments. Indeed the line “I’m a little green” is sung in exactly the same way Paul Weller sings “Pretty Green”. Fantastically knowing stuff with sparkling production courtesy of Trevor (Buggles) Horn. With lyrics so vivid you can almost see the coat that the bloke in “Lord Anthony” is wearing.

Not content with releasing a splendid new album on us, they’ve also just released an access-all-areas DVD, Fans Only, that traces their history back to their limited edition art college first album, Tigermilk.


6 Responses to “Dear catastrophe waitress (Belle and Sebastian)”

  1. Shay

    My god you almost sound intelligent…. :o)

  2. Tracy

    Oh my god!
    Has anyone read American psycho (Bret Easton Ellis)?
    Thats who you sound like!
    If you dont know what I’m on about you should read it!!
    Thats really freaked me out:-p

  3. Guy

    Haven’t read the book but the film is right up there with my faves! Christian Bale proved to be an excellent choice for the lead role. His chisled jaw look was quite apt in the portrayal of bored eighties yuppie, Pat Bateman.

    Whilst there are moments of darkness, I consider the text to be a work of some considerable comedic value. I haven’t heard good things about the completely unrelated sequel.

  4. Harry Deans

    I really want help you

    What do loose ur job for, insider training?

    Just joking

    If ur so hungry why don’t you get a job?

    U know… Al, u and I have nothing in common

    whats that smell

    U reek of shit AL.

  5. Guy

    Bateman: “I’m into murders and executions!”

    Bateman: “That’s a very expensive Chardonnay you’re not drinking. It isn’t poisoned.”

    Bateman: “Harold, you’re my lawyer, so I think you should know… I’ve killed quite a few people.”

    Bateman: “I think my mask of sanity is about to slip.”

    Bateman: “You are a fucking ugly bitch and I want to stab you to death and play with your blood.”

    Bateman: “You’re not really a blonde; more of a dirty blonde.”

  6. Tracy

    Oh Mate, if you thought the film was good you have to read to book! Very very sick!
    (Think nail guns, lighters and eyeballs)
    Awesomely written with complete chapters on Whitney Housten and Phil Collins (Hence the comparison!)
    The sequel to the film was shit but I agree with yhou that the first one was a classic! Christian Bale is definitely the man 🙂