Christmas grub

December 15th, 2003

Great to see everybody at the two Christmas meals we went to this weekend: Alex, Zoë, Amy and Dean for the fab Italian at ‘Al Tamborista’ in Stony Stratford and Chris, Mandy, Seamus, Emma, Nicola, Sarah and Paul for coming along to the Old Thatch in Adstock. Prompts me to wonder why we don’t do this kind of thing more often.

Chris and I nearly made the expensive mistake of buying two £56-a-shot cognac but quickly made it clear that we were no connoisseurs and would be quite happy with the bog-standard version.

I’ve since been nursing an aching head that remains with me today.


2 Responses to “Christmas grub”

  1. Shay

    Agreed, should be done more often, especially at that pub, really enjoyed the atmosphere and the surroundings and the tsaff were friendly and welcoming too! New Year resolution should be to try and go to more of their acoustic music sessions nights…

  2. Emma

    I am up for going back to The Thatch thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS xxx