Festive cheer in Southampton

December 22nd, 2003

Despite threatening not to update this site before Christmas, I just had to log the fact that I had a truly excellent weekend. Firstly, Southampton beat Portsmouth 3-0 which puts us fourth in the premiership!

Secondly, The Deans, Ralf and myself met up with a number of our old Itchen College chums in the Varsity in Southampton. Deans and I arrived for our first pint at 11:30 on Saturday morning. Emma, Stu and Matt Hayward then joined us at about half one, followed by my brother and then Natz. It was so good to catch up after all this time and it is something that we must do again soon.

Deans and I then carried on drinking with Hugh and Robbie whilst playing with a cool laser pen thing that Hugh had got from Smirnoff. Suitable drunk, we headed back to Portswood’s Gordon Arms for more lagers and more old pals. I hadn’t seen Amit for absolutely ages and was dead pleased to see his face again. I expected him to have an American accent after living in the Hollywood Hills for the last couple of years but no, it was like he hadn’t even been away.

The next day I wasn’t feeling too hot having slept on Deans’ floor with a splitting Stella-induced headache. Some strange milkshake drink seemed to sort me out before I said goodbye to Deans as he left for St Mary’s stadium. I met up again with Hugh to deposit/collect some presents from Fran and Neil before returning back home to sleep.

A great weekend.


One Response to “Festive cheer in Southampton”

  1. Tracy

    Heheh Its wicked!
    My boss is a pompey bloke and I have had loads of fun much to the tune of
    Being at work never amused me so much! (We aren’t mentioning Fulham though ;-(