Apple: Harder, Windows: Easier

January 14th, 2004

Tantek writes some notes on a talk given by some guy who states something that I’ve been thinking for some time:

Windows has become much easier to use over the last few years and Mac OS has become much harder to use.

Microsoft effectively killed off DOS with Win 2K whilst Apple introduced the Unix command line with OS-X. I find the whole “Mac’s are so much simpler to use” argument thoroughly unbelievable. In the old days Macs were simple. Today there’s not a lot between them. I read this article some time ago. It’s an honest opinion about switching from PC to Mac. The author speaks many truths. Even some die-hard Apple enthusiasts can’t fathom the latest version of Mac OS.

I used to buy into the whole “Apple is best fro creative types” argument but it’s just not true anymore.

Now I guess I’m going to get a whole load of comments telling me I’m wrong. Fine, convince me otherwise.


2 Responses to “Apple: Harder, Windows: Easier”

  1. Avram

    I’m an illustrator but stick to the PC platform because it’s so much more inexpensive. I’d love a Mac purely because it looks cool but realistically, for someone on a tight budget, PCs are the way to go.

  2. Louis

    I agree. I’ve always found Mac OS X to have a huge learning curve. It’s been posted about before (

    I doubt you’ll get “a whole load of comments” saying you’re wrong, but then again, Mac evangelism is on the rise and you don’t need facts to write a flame …