Battlestar Galactica / Terrahawks DVDs

January 16th, 2004

Face/Starbuck aka Dirk Benedict has been heavily promoting himself over the last week. This has brought to my attention this brilliant DVD: Battlestar Galactica – Special Edition which I’ve added to my wish list along with these Terrahawks DVDs.


4 Responses to “Battlestar Galactica / Terrahawks DVDs”

  1. Shay

    I used to love trying to guess who would win the x’s o’s game at the end. X being the baddies and O being the goodies. Didn’t Youngstar talk like he had a big bit of phlegm trapped in his throat too….

  2. Guy

    Youngstar ruled! I loved the noughts and crosses battles. The crosses always seemed to win though!

    Ten ten zero!

  3. Alexander

    Do you know what the noughts and crosses actually meant at the end of each episode of Terrahawk??



  4. Guy

    No idea mate. If anyone could enlighten us…