Snowed in – update

January 29th, 2004

Those concerned about my welfare might like to know that I finally left my workplace at half-nine last night. Thankfully the masses of cars had finally deserted the OU and I was free to make my way back to Helen’s family home where I was treated to food and warmth.

Today I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes inside out and am back at work watching the snow melt outside whilst wishing I was out there throwing snowballs at the mythical kipper-tie wearing OU lecturers. I hope to sleep in my own bed tonight. I still have electrical issues to deal with. Depending on the integrity of our central heating I might also have plumbing issues to deal with.

The Anglian Windows: Sales Tactics post is still getting a healthy amount of content including threats of Anglian Windows’ legal department going for the kill. However, reading through the comments we see that Coldseal, Zenith and Weatherseal all get less than favourable reviews too. In the interest of a balanced argument one Anlgian rep, Slip, at least seems to be blessed with some degree of intelligence.