Not Out of Office

February 11th, 2004

I dunno, I can capably create websites with bleeding edge technologies bolted onto the back of them but try getting my ‘out of office’ to work. I’ve been away from my station for the last two days. Helen an I have been together for six years and thought it would be good to celebrate with some time off work. We went and did coupley things like going to the theatre to see Blood Brothers. As things would have it this time off coincided with me having a cold for the exact same period of time. Needless to say the two website projects I’ve been working on for friends and family have been slightly delayed. However, I’m firing on all cylinders today and, a pointless business trip to Nottingham tomorrow aside, work will continue in earnest.

Back to the Out of Office Assistant issue, apparently it only works within the organisation. So, if you don’t work for the OU (that’ll be most of my mailing correspondents then!) I apologise for frustrating you with a lack of a response to your amusing/useful/informative emails.

Somebody is drilling in the office above. They’ve been doing it for the past hour. Hopefully they will stop soon or I will have another irritation to add to my ever increasing list. A plastic bottle of Tesco’s milk exploded in the boot of my car on Thursday. It really started to smell by Friday and despite thorough cleaning with Dettol over the last few days it still reeks. Last night I put a bucket load of Rosemary scented oil in the back. It’s had some effect but not a lot. I’m hoping it will clear by the end of the month.