Naval gazing again

February 13th, 2004

I find myself with a spare five minutes in my ever-increasing hectic schedule to update anybody who’s interested on my exploits of the last few days. Yesterday I went to the land of Robin Hood to visit one of our regional centres and to scope out a new site that I am to be building sometime in the near future. It seems I have websites coming at me from every angle just lately. I’m currently building sites for a band, a home/small business network company and a company that copies sim cards. And that’s the stuff I’m doing in my spare time! At work I’m building two sites on the joys of learning how to use the internet and the minimum acceptable spec for PCs to use in OU study. I’m also building a site for a technology course about cyborgs and human-computer interaction. I’ve also got a number of other projects awaiting my attention so you can be assured that any time spent away from my computer is exceedingly valuable to me.

Helen and I celebrated six years of ‘living in sin’ a couple of days ago as indeed we do every year, handily avoiding the commercial rip-off that is St. Valentines Day. I say ‘avoiding’ to which I refer to the whole going out for a meal on the 14th and all the buying of helium balloons and general tat from Clinton’s cards. I’m not so much of a scrooge as to not buy a card but then it’s getting a little late now..

It was interesting to watch a documentary last night on BBC 2 called ‘Trouble at the top’. In the programme Mr. EasyJet was followed around by a film crew as he tried to make his 20p-a-ticket Milton Keynes EasyCinema a success. I guess the title of the programme suggests that it hasn’t been a massive success despite the cheap tickets. It transpires that the major film distributors wont let him show films at so low prices so it’s become a bit of an art house cinema. There’s been a number of good French language shows on but I’m yet to meet anybody who’s actually been to the cinema.


One Response to “Naval gazing again”

  1. Harry Deans

    I saw the 20p cinema. Only in Milton Keynes!

    Still it is a good idea I would frequent it for 20p.