More red tape

February 17th, 2004

As I’ve previously mentioned I’m a fairly busy person right now. I’ve got work coming out of my ears and deadlines looming all over the place. So it’s not particularly helpful to get a barrow load of bureaucracy to deal with at the same time. Firstly, my car tax expires at the end of the month but I haven’t received a renewal form. This would usually make sense since we moved house this year and the DVLA could possibly send it to our old address. However, this shouldn’t be the case because we were good citizens and informed the DVLA of our moving of house. I tried to use the DVLA’s telephone enquiry system but it’s one of those multiple choice recorded messages that never have the option you want. I managed to find their email address on the DVLA site and have fired off my enquiry. But as well all know, email enquiries can easily get lost into the hypertext void so I’m not holding out too much hope on that one.

The DVLA site provides a little useful information for people in my situation. I’ve got to get a V10 form to go with a V5 form and then read the 149/1 leaflet to help me understand how much I have to pay. Of course these forms and leaflets can’t be downloaded from the net but must be obtained from my local Post Office. But as previously noted, I work in the ultra-modern ‘city’ of Milton Keynes and local facilities available at a brisk walk elsewhere in the country are sadly lacking here. So I’m pinning my hopes on Shay picking me up a form from his local Post Office (which he has thankfully manged to pick up – phew!).

The second piece of red tape that I’m up against regards the fact that AUT is striking over pay for two days next week. I don’t belong to the union and have to come in to work. However my own morals don’t really agree with crossing a picket line but I’m gonna get grief from my boss if I don’t get my ass into work. All I want to do is get on with my work. It just seems to be one of those days today.