Rude Awakening

February 23rd, 2004

Rude Awakening – A very funny stoner movie about tw hippies who live in the jungle for twenty years and re-emerge into the late 80s to find that the world has become a capitalist’s dream. Cheech Marin stars and is hugely enjoyable having halucinations of a talking fish. I haven’t seen this film since I was much younger but now aim to hunt it down.


4 Responses to “Rude Awakening”

  1. Shay

    I remember this! It was on late at night, he (Cheech)gave the big fish a draw on his spliff and then he smokes it and says….”aw, you fish lipped it man!!”

  2. Guy

    Yes – that’s the film. It’s brilliant. Probably available in a bargain bin somewhere.

  3. Tracy

    I remember this too! I saw it at your house when we were students. I have mentioned it to other people since then and no-one knew what the hell I was talking about! Now I know what its called I’m gonna have to find it :o)
    I’ll show em!!

  4. Guy

    Ahh, the good ole’ days. If you find it let me know your source.