Cheesy 80s power ballads – the definitive collection

February 25th, 2004

What’s your favouite station to listen to whilst playing Grand Thefo Auto: Vice City? I find myself listening more and more to one that churns out the cheesy 80s power ballads. But it’s the same few tracks over and over which leads me to skip to the metal station to hear Judas Priest rip through ‘You’ve got another thing coming’ or Iron Maiden’s ‘Two minutes to midnight’.

So, in order to further my 80s enjoyment of the game that everybody else completed ages ago… I present the definitive list of cheesy 80s power ballads. I hope to find these tracks somehow and somewhere (probably in the bargain buckets in my local woolworths) and then crank them on my stereo. Hey, some of these tracks would make for excellent soundtracking of late night driving.

I also want to know, where appropriate, the name of the film that the songs featured in.

Now, please let me know the ones I’ve missed off…

  1. The boys of summer – Don Henley
  2. Dancing in the dark – Bruce Springsteen
  3. I drove all night – Roy Orbison
  4. Black Velvet – Alana Miles
  5. China in your hand – T’Pau
  6. Every rose has its thorn – Poison
  7. Drive – Cars
  8. Broken wings – Mr. Mister
  9. I want to know what love is – Foriegner
  10. Nothing’s gonna stop us now – Starship
  11. Don’t you forget about me – Simple minds
  12. It’s my life – Talk talk
  13. Eternal flame – Bangles
  14. I just died in your arms – Cutting crew
  15. The power of love – Huey lewis and the news
  16. Against all odds – Phil Collins
  17. The living years – Mike and the mechanics
  18. Africa – Toto
  19. Take my breath away – Berlin (Top Gun)
  20. Run to you – Bryan Adams

Come on, there must be loads I’ve missed, help me out!


4 Responses to “Cheesy 80s power ballads – the definitive collection”

  1. Shay

    Highway to the Dangerzone – From Top Gun soundtrack.

    Also what about “The Heat is on” – artist unknown…

  2. mike

    these are hardly “power ballads” where is :POISON, DOKKEN: Whitesnake etc

  3. Guy

    Poison is at no.6!

  4. Lucy

    to be with you – mr big