Chris Moyles in Southampton

February 26th, 2004

BBC Radio 1 breakfast DJ Chris Moyles is presnting his show from Southampton tomorrow. Listening to his show this morning I was amused to hear some locals recommending ‘Lennons’ as a top thursday night in the city. They promoted it as having great rock and roll and tasty birds. Whilst I’d certainly agree with the first point, I’d pull them up on the ‘tasty birds’ bit as in all the years I lived in Southampton I don’t recall one such morsel. Of course things might have changed for this Irish-owned club but I doubt it. There are similarly strange suggestions on Chris’ site:

“Go to Jumpin’ Jacks! No karaoke, but if you want fun thats a good place to go!”

– surely you are kidding?

“There is only one place to go out in Southampton and that is Clowns and Jesters…its a legendary student place. So ask Scott Mills,he knows all about it….”

– Oh come on, you can do better than this flea pit for sure!

However, this comment is just about right:

“As far as I’m aware there are no good karaoke bars in Southampton as no one down here can sing (if Craig David is the best imagine what the rest of us are like). However for a sing along and all round good night out try the Frog and Frigate.”