Making sandwiches

February 27th, 2004

Let me tell you about a job I used to have in my college days in Southampton. I worked in the St. Mary’s part of town in a small sandwich shop making sandwiches. I had to make 100 sandwiches an hour and was paid 1p per sandwich. However, the maximum I could earn for the day was 75p. It was capped at that rate as people could effectively make loads of sandwiches in a day thus making lots of money. We had a five minute break for lunch where we were provided with a pot noodle that we had to purchase for 75p. Thankfully of course we had made 75p from making sandwiches so we were never out of pocket. We were not allowed to bring our own lunch due to the licensing of the premises and we were not allowed to purchase any other food from the shop because it was too expensive. Fortunately today I earn much more and am in profit.


3 Responses to “Making sandwiches”

  1. Shay

    This post confuses me greatly, are you sure this wasn’t just a wierd dream? You effectively could only make 75 sandwiches and then had to stop? I presume this took less than an hour? What was the point of the exercise other than futility????

  2. sappo

    I can confirm that these things are probably true. I cite the example when they did not beleive that Guy had seen a pigeon in the Square Balloon. Everyone thought it was a clever lie based around the fact that there was a stuffed pigeon in the pub. They soon stopped scoffing when The Geezer turned out to be correct and the pigeon flew around the pub.

    Strange things, no matter how unlikely, do happen.

  3. Harry Deans

    No I reckon it was more like this

    100 Sandwichishes an Hour

    1p a Sandwich.

    8 Hours

    20 minute Lunch Brake but charged as an hours wort of making sandwiches. Pot noodle £1.50

    10 pence fine for every sandwich less than 100 you made.

    Typical day

    800 sandwiches had to be made.

    £8.00 wages

    – £1.00 lunch Brake

    -£1.50 Pot noodle

    – 33 Sandwhich Shortfall from twenty minutes lunch £3.30 (approx)

    – 8 Sandwhich Short fall 80 pence

    = £6.60 deduction

    £2.40 made (approx as Sandwhich Shortfall varied)

    Please note that extra sandwiches made can not carry on to the next hour and that there is no bonus for producing extra Sandwhiches.

    At Christmas time (1st December – 12th jan you were forced to purchase a mince pie for £1.20 every day worked)