Postal bonus

February 27th, 2004

This morning I received my third postal bonus in ten years. This is an amazing feat as the Post Office only really give these gifts to people who use their service well. Basically it’s a reward for posting and receving letters. The last two times I got a postal bonus it was for £30 but this time it was only £25. I guess it’s something to do with the area. We are only getting one lot of post a day now as opposed to the previous two. Still, use the service wisely and the rewards are evident.

In order to qualify for a postal bonus you need to ensure that you make use of both first and second class stamps, post letters from you nearest post box at least two hours before it’s empty, provide your local postie with a warm mince pie at christmas and keep dangerous animals at bay when he delivers. It also helps if you have a black cat called Jess. In the last tne years I’ve made £85 in postal bonuses. I opened a high-interest ‘postal bonus savings account’ after receiving my first postal bonus which has so far made me £185 Let’s hope another £25 pops through my letterbox soon to make a nice round £200!