Google what?

March 1st, 2004

There’s a UK comedian who does a show about google. I can remember exactly what the phrase is but it involves typing some words into Google and only getting one result. There are plenty of examples of this on my site. For example, type in “Bitterne traingle riverside diner” and you will (at the moment) only get one result. See the result. In a few days there will be two results thanks to this post. Now, tell me what the term for this is…


4 Responses to “Google what?”

  1. Tracy

    Try typing in “MISERABLE FAILURE” and hit I feel lucky or “weapons of mass destruction” and again I feel Lucky
    Theses are old but still tickle me!

  2. Jim

    The phrase is called ‘Googlewhack’ and the comic is Dave Gorman (he’s even written a book about it called “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure”).

    I saw a site somewhere asking people to add their favorite “Googlewhack’s”, some people just don’t get it. DOH!!

  3. Guy

    A googlewhack – yes that’s it. My brain was drawing a complete blank.

  4. hugh

    Try ‘stickleback staplers’ don’t use inverted commas though-that’s cheeting. I read Googlewhack adventure a couple of weeks back and it’s quality. I’ll send it to you it’s well worth it.