Top trumps

March 2nd, 2004

Probably the most fun you can have for a couple of quid: Top Trumps remind me of some great times in my youth. I had loads of sets: Monster Trucks, Trains, Planes, cars, Marvel comic heroes and more. What did you have and have you still got them?

Colud you beat Gareth from The Office? He remembered every top trump in every pack and every variation of every card. You would never beat him. It’d be fun though.


One Response to “Top trumps”

  1. Hot Rats

    My son (who is 6) has just discovered Top Trumps, although you can’t get as many as you used to. It got so ridiculous in the 70s you could get Top Trumps on any subject, like Top Trump Kitchen Applicances.

    I found the only set I’ve got left from my childhood the other day. It’s British Footballers from 1978. I have a feeling contravenes the obscene publications act, due to the horrendous nature of the perms on show.

    Great days.