March 10th, 2004

Time passes. What can I say? It’s been a while but then I did indicate that on my previous proper post (a sense). Since then I’ve been enjoying a few days away from the screen and listening to lots of wireless radio. Ben and his dad came over and made my household phone sockets decent. Many thanks for that and payment in the form of a simple website (still being developed mind).

Talking personal favours, I’m just starting to build a site for old pal and talented drummer Matt (Drummer Boyd) Hayward. The Warm are a new indie/rock band based in Southampton. They’ve won a battle of the bands and have a CD for you all to hear. Maybe we’ll put audio clips on their site!

Another band I used to maintain a site for, Stonemonkey, are in the process of having their site revamped sans my input. They also have a number of gigs coming up including one at the Bell pub in Market Harborough this Saturday. This may clash with a gents poker game with fat cigars and more burning of stuff round my house. It may however be assimilated by the event into one big Saturday night (do Radio 1 own the patent to that?).

Shay is gearing up to leave his job and putting strange pictures of me on his website.