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March 23rd, 2004

For a public service corporation the BBC (beeb) don’t exactly make their web access particularly easy! Anyway, incase you’re hunting for the settings for your account (as my mum is), I’ve provided some info below´┐Ż

  1. Visit and look towards the top of the screen for the horizontal nav bar (a left to right bullett list with the options greyed out making it difficult to see!).


  2. Click on ‘Webmail‘ and login using your username (that’s the bit in your email address before the part) and password (you should know this, if not then I’m afraid that you’re going to have to phone the 60p a minute hotline!). Your password will have been chosen by you so think along the lines of your favourite animal, mother’s maiden name or anything else you’re likely have picked off the top of your head.

  3. OK, now, here’s the tricky bit. You’re presented with a screen ( that is apparently for you’re webmail, however, it’s more than that. It also provides a link to your account information and settings. They’re all nicely hidden away by a link that is labelled ‘here‘. Good eh? “Where is it” I hear you cry? Indeed – it certainly is well hidden on the left hand side of the page in the blue box labelled ‘webmail’. Click on the word ‘here‘ at the end of the sentence:

    “To add e-mail addresses, change your passwords or administer your account click here.”

    So, do just that, click the tiny link.


OK, this is the screen you’ve been looking for. You will have the following information (yep, more uses of the word ‘here’ as a link. My notes in brackets):


Service Offering

You are currently subscribed to the Pay-as-you-go package.


You can access your website using the following URLs: (I’ve changed the bit before .members. It will be your own username)

Dial-Up Configuration

PC Users: click here to download a new dial-up configuration file (this is configured to you so I cant link to it from here, sorry).

Mac Users: Click here to view configuration information


(The following is really useful to set up things yourself)

Manual Dial-Up Configuration

If you wish to configure your PC manually, please use the following settings:

To access the Internet, dial: 0845 212 5000

Your mail (SMTP) server is available at:

Your POP server is available at:

Further Help

You can contact the help desk on 090 66 500 600.

It is open from 8am to 12 midnight and calls cost 60p per minute. (Expensive isn’t it? So don’t bother unless you’ve completely forgotten your password).

UPDATE: Somebody from the BBC has contacted me. If you want to quickly get to the admin area, you go here:

I hope this helps.


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  1. Paul Bines

    Many thanks for the useful (indeed, damage preventing) information!