The Passion of The Christ

March 31st, 2004

Having grown up a Catholic I must admit that The Passion of The Chirst didn’t exactly shock me. Years of church and R.E. lessons had nicely put all of those hideous images in my mind anyway. However, I don’t remember the evil demons and satanic babies in any of the stuff I read. I do remember a guy called ‘mob’ or ‘legion’ from an earlier point in the bible, but not during Jesus’ time at the garden of Gethsemane. I also don’t remember God letting rip with a massive tear that destroyed the temple and all that mental stuff.

The effects were OK but they weren’t overly believable. I didn’t really feel too much at all if the truth be known. It just wasn’t believable enough. I wasn’t prepared for the subtitles and I don’t really think that using touches of Aramaic and Latin made for a more believable tale. I guess if the weird clichéd devils weren’t stomping around in hell it might have been better but then you get the whole end scene where Jesus rises from the dead all clean and sparkly new (save for the holes in his hands!). There are much better films about Jesus out there than this. It certainly didn’t warrant the clapping at the end from the church-organised cinema parties.