Email burnout

April 6th, 2004

Is email really any good? I mean most of the stuff sent from computer to computer is spam and junk and useless guff. But every now and again you might want to communicate meaningfully with someone. But you find that their server is down (as it frequently is) and thus you’ll have to resort to quill and parchment once more.

The following edited for privacy:

To: “Stephen Turvey” < *******.******>
Your message was not delivered to *******.******
for the following reason:
Misc Error: does not accept mail

Well thanks for that!

On the topic of email, I’m less frequently checking any email except my work address which is my first dot second name at open dot ac dot uk. If you need to contact me urgently, then that’s the way to go.


One Response to “Email burnout”

  1. Stephen

    Should’ve asked for a carrier pigeon for my birthday.