Visiting Perth

April 15th, 2004

We spent the Easter break visiting my mum up in Perth. It’s a beautiful city full of Scottish character and charm with plenty of rolling hills to ramble upon. It was good to chillout away from the immediate hassles of relentless emails and ongoing website projects. Part of me wishes I didn’t have to sit at a computer all day as I’d be quite content to chop logs up in the country!

We took the National Express couch from Milton Keynes to Perth. A gruelling nine hour trip it was too. With a mere 30 minute service break I’m surprised one of us didn’t end up with deep veined thrombosis! The savings were huge (£70 return ticket for both of us as opposed to four tanks of petrol and general car wear) but I think I’ll probably drive next time round for the pure comfort factor. My MP3 player got a good thrashing though and the nine hour non-stop journey saw the piddly lithium-ion battery hold its own adequately.

Back in the throws of modern life we find our neighbours have applied for planning permission to extend their three bed house into a four bed monster! I’ve no idea why since only the two of them live there and they don’t plan to have any kids! Who in their right mind wants to increase their mortgage by £50,000 in order to create an extra room that they just don’t need? Seems like madness to me but I’m sure there’s a logical reason.

My postings to this site are fewer and fewer these days. My workload is larger and larger. It’s all relative really. I’ve got lots of stuff to do in my own time for private clients which means not a lot of energy to update this site. I reckon that in a month’s time we should be up to speed again. This site is to become comment free as of today. My aim is to turn off comments on every post bar the really exciting ones. More anti-spam measures im afraid. Anybody who wants to get in contact with me can find my info on the contact page.