Potential energy realised

May 10th, 2004

This weekend I undertook a number of tasks that have left me feeling quite content to sit all day today in front of my PC. I woke up early on Saturday morning with the idea that I’d landscape my garden having first mowed the meadow of dandelions and rampant grass that now taunts me from outside my patio doors. Of course the weather continued to be shit and I couldn’t proceed with that plan. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I used all that energy I’d been storing up to tackle the garden on tearing down the wall between our lounge and dining room. And what a massive open plan living space it revealed!

Despite only being a stud wall, it was messy work. A thick layer of dust left the whole of the downstairs resembling houses from the blitz. My trusty Electrolux made short work of that lot though. Helen and I sat and enjoyed an Indian and a film and admired my hard work. On Sunday I began to strip the woodchip from what used to be the lounge. You’ll remember the hassle involved with this from my previous decorating tales. Let’s just say that it hasn’t gotten any easier with experience. I spent nine hours and only got two thirds through stripping off the top layer of the stuff. Feeling extremely week, I admitted defeat and went for a long soak in the bath.

Tonight I shall continue apace despite my aching muscles. Before and after photos will, at some point, be posted here.