Wood/laminate or carpet?

May 11th, 2004

So, the wall is down and we’ve got one huge open-plan space. The woodchip is off the walls and the carpets are ready to be pulled up and the skirting board wrenched off the wall.

Now, here’s the million pound question: laminate/wood or carpet flooring?

I kind of see the benefits of both but want YOUR opinion. So, for this entry, comments are open.


4 Responses to “Wood/laminate or carpet?”

  1. Stephen

    Obviously it depends on the budget you’ve set for yourselves, mate. But in terms of what’s best I’d go for the natural wood flooring every time.

  2. El Pervo

    Yeah El Turvo, only so you can wipe up any mess easier! I know you like to gaze out the window watching the girls walk by, one hand propping open the venetian blinds, the other……

  3. Stephen

    How do you manage to lower the tone on a post about types of flooring? El Pervo never ceases to amaze.

  4. Apples

    Hey, dont ask how I found ur website but I was looking around and as a person who has recently completed a quick reno on my apartment. I discovered the joys of Cork. Now before you cringe, cork design and laying technology has come a long way since the 70s plus all the low impact environmental effects. Ok, I will stop now.
    Have fun with the reno.