The demise of black Television sets

May 14th, 2004

I feel I’m not alone in thinking that there’s a plot afoot to make black sound and vision products like TVs and Hi-F’s obsolete. Everything seems to be available these days but only in silver. You can get flat screens, wide screens, cinema screens and plasma screens but try getting one with a black shell. You’ll have a job. It seems that all manufacturers think that silver is the new black and are forcing us to replace our old crumbly black TV sets with silver versions. The annoying thing is that I hate silver stuff. I particularly dislike silver TVs. However, these silver things have been around for a few years now and the cycle of things suggests to me that the manufacturers must be ganging up to decide on changing back to black in the near future. Surely? We’re all aware of the five year life of electrical goods these days already forcing regular repurchases. The cunning thing is that manufacturers play on people’s desires to match their TV with their hi-fi thus ensuring that all electrical goods are re purchased when one of them goes ka-put. What’s your view?