It’s Sapiano again

May 17th, 2004

What fantastic weather has descended upon these ancient shores! My oldest pal Matt came up to visit us at Carberry castle this Friday eve and stayed until Sunday afternoon. In the space between we consumed many alcoholic beverages and plenty of red meat: a BBQ on Saturday followed a full English and the following day yet another full English. So my cholesterol is doubtlessly in overload but not to worry because many evening’s of decorating lie ahead. That ought to burn off some more cals.

We seem to have decided upon carpet for the lounge along with a Mexican / Moroccan theme so cosy the place should be. Plenty of things to buy. I’ll update as and when. Photos to post, just gotta find some time and make the effort to place them here. The garden is now free from the sprawling meadow that was consuming it thanks to a nifty strimmer that worked a treat. Oh, and Family Guy – what a great show!