Reasons to be cheerful

May 24th, 2004

After somewhat of a ‘black friday’ which found me suffering some degree of disillusionment with my job, I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Congratulations to Jo and Rob on their wedding and a the truly excellent spread they put on in their unique part of Pembrokeshire.

It was a cruel turn of fate that meant we were driving (insanely slowly) along the M4 with thousands of Milwall fans. We should have known better but managed to get to the church by the skin of our teeth once the football traffic subsided. I’d never seen more stretch limos on the way to a cup final! It reminded me of last year’s hopes when Southampton made the same treck to defeat. I think most people were keen on the underdogs giving Man U a run for their money but, alas, the reds managed to pick up their only piece of silverware this season which will of course find Shay in particularly good spirits this morning.

Back to the wedding, it was great to see so many family and friends. Helen and I picked up a few tips for our own wedding and, as usual I got loaded on the free-flowing champagne to the extent that I embarked on a number of drunken conversations with various family members who I really ought to keep better contact with. The drive home was a little quicker but despite offering to share the driving, my thick hangover prevented me doing so. Well done to mum who managed to manoeuvre the tank of the modern ford mondeo we’d borrowed through the tiny roads of rural Pembrokeshire. Finding somewhere to park the thing was a rather amusing experience.

Photos of the event will be posted as soon as I can. I’m talking with my web-host in order to set up some password protection on the photos and family areas but don’t worry because I’ll either email you the info or make it painfully obvious (if you know me) as to what the passwords are.

Roll on bank holiday!