Removing a Microbore radiator

June 1st, 2004

We are unfortunate enough to have a microbore central heating system. For a plumbing simpleton like myself this complex system serves up a few headaches when I need to remove radiators for decorating. Microbore is supposed to be quite an efficient system that reduces heat loss through pipework but it also lends itself to pipe clogging because the pipes are typically only 8 or 10mm in diameter. I’ve posed a question on the ‘microbore heating’ forum (under the alias of ‘funkydung’. If anybody else is in the same position as me, or has the answers, I’m keen to know exactly how one might remove radiators from a microbore system in order to do some decorating.


One Response to “Removing a Microbore radiator”

  1. John Hicke

    I would drain the whole system down. Fit valves, available for 8mm&10mm from BetQ in each line coming from the manifold. Then you will have no problem isolating any radiator in the system to decorate as you please. Also fill up with de ionised water & you will have no problem with furring up. John Hickey