Weblogs for the kids

June 15th, 2004

BBC article:
“Weblogs are sometimes criticised for being the self-obsessed ramblings of people who have little to say and too much time on their hands in which to do it. But there are gems out there – including many sites created by children.”

And therein lies an explanation as to the lack of new content on my site. 1. I have much to say but 2. I have little time on my hands with which to do it. This sort of thing happens when the weather heats up and I’d rather be doing anything than sit behind a computer screen typing stuff into the ether. Despite the intense mugginess that today has brought with it, I work in a poorly lit room with the blinds closed to prevent screen glare – putting pay to the small amount of light that might like to penetrate the room. Yet I have piles of work to get through and some of it is intensely interesting but my brain just wont engage with it as it yearns to be sipping beer in a pub garden whilst talking gibberish to any random who might like to listen.

In brief: Helen and I have been continuing to renovate our lounge/diner and you’d currently find it sans flooring, skirting and doors but with the smoothest skim of plaster you’ll have ever seen. We’re picking up the laminate tonight though it wont be laid for the next 48 hours in order to ‘acclimatise’ itself to the room. This fits in nicely with our schedule as *Helen* still has another coat of paint to slap on the walls before we hit the home straight. We’re holidaying in Rhodes in a couple of weeks and it’s unlikely that the room will be completely finished before then however, there should at least be some seats to slump into. I hope to buy some batteries for my digi-cam and present you all with some before and after shots but my digital-apathy knows no bounds so we shall see.

Back to the BBC article, I wish blogging technology had been around when I was a kid. I’d have loved that. I remember trying to recreate ceefax on my BBC Micro back in the 80s when the net was just a glimmer in Tim’s eye. More power to the kids!