Nick Mason ~ Inside Out – A Personal History of Pink Floyd

June 23rd, 2004

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason is writing a book called Inside Out – A Personal History of Pink Floyd on his time with the band. He’s the only member of the band who kept cuttings, set lists and is largely credited as the bands ‘official biographer’. However, he’s only just got around to pulling all this stuff togehter into a book which will no doubt make for fascinating reading.

Anbody who has read Mind over matter: Images of Pink Floyd will immediately recognise the cover as one of the rejected covers for the “Echoes” compilation CD. Nice to see the artwork resurface for the book as plenty of cash was ploughed into the design (the chair is massive and the people sat on it are actual size!). I’m sure the chapters on the early 80s split from Roger Waters will be interesting (though maybe not as revealing as they could be since he and Roger patched up their differences).

Anyway, it’s on my Amazon Wishlist should anybody want to buy it for my forthcoming birthday 🙂

##Update: Apparently, the aforementioned image will not be used for the front cover after all but will be used in the promo for the book.