June 28th, 2004

I’d say we’re about 90% finished with decorating now. Just the skirting and architrave to do. We ordered a new extendable, circular pine table and chairs to replace the rather formal looking rectangular beech table that never really sat right to me. It’ll be with us soon and then we’ll be able to quit the TV dinners. Helen and I are most pleased with the result. I’ve decided to wait until it’s all finished before posting before/after pics but let’s just say it’s now cosy beyond belief thanks to the light, finishing touches: a new terracotta rug and lined curtains.

I also finally got around to plugging the sound outputs from my PS2 into my amp. Having thoroughly weeded and mowed the neglected garden I rewarded myself with a blast on Gran Turismo 3. Unfortunately, this second hand purchase didn’t include the much needed game-data and I was left to complete the license tests or race in a Suzuki Wagon-R. Great sound, dull game play (for now at least). I expect that by the time Gran Turismo 4 hits the shops that I’ll have just about completed all the license tests for 3!

The awkwardness of having a hill for a front garden has finally hit home and I’m now planning a three-tiered terrace laced with Cotswold stone gravel and a range of hardy, green shrubs. The imposing boundary wall at the side of the house will become hidden by bamboo, clematis, jasmine and honeysuckle and, most importantly, I will no longer need to heave the heavy (and crap) flymo up the awkward hill for mowing.