Guy’s holiday exploits and future plans

July 12th, 2004

We’re back. No computer for nearly two solid weeks. Feels good. However, I returned to find 111 unread mails in my personal email account and 254 in my work account. A fair few of these were from my old university mate Nicky whose Microphone and drum machine have been sitting in my loft for the past five years! I’ve been wanting to post them to her (Buckingham to Devon!) for a fair few of those years but have always been prevented by may lack of packaging knowledge (there’s a big mike stand in there). Do I send it all at once in one big box or as separate items?? How do I guarantee the safe arrival of the package. Do I need to get insurance? Well at least Helen is helping me with this perplexing task now and Nicky should have her equipment within the week (fingers tightly crossed). I kind of wonder why I ended up leaving uni with these items in the first place. It’s a long time ago now.

A bit about the holiday

A full review with photos will be posted here as soon as I have a little time. I’ve got another site to do for Ben and the rest of our lounge renovation to complete first (see below). In the meantime I will say that anybody thinking of taking a holiday at Pefkos beach hotel, Pefkos, Rhodes would do well to snap up such a bargain. Great hotel with good sized pools, nice cold air-con (at additional cost) and a wonderful sandy beach with clear blue water that positively begs you to swim in it. At this time of year that’s highly advisable because we’re talking 45 degrees in the midday sun! Hot. We did the touristy things – glass-bottomed boat trip to Lindos with complimentary pointing out of David Gilmour’s two beach-side mansions. You know the stuff. It was a shame to leave to be honest. After dining like kings in the many great eateries, one with great cliffside views of the sun setting in the sea, you kind of want a piece of it too. I daydreamed of owning my own restaurant by the sea and just chilling out. The reality of course is probably a lot different. Oh and Greece won Euro 2004 whilst we were there, watching it on the TV with a Greek family at their restaurant, Terpsis (an amazing restaurant – plenty of great food and a really good atmosphere). El vino did flow and fireworks did bang. I’m browner than ever right night and I have photos to prove it. Soon.

A bit about the renovating

Ever tried to lay skirting on a wooden floor? It’s not as easy as it sounds. Making angles meet at corners and scribing the bottom of the wood to follow the uneven contours of the floor is no easy task. Any hints/tips you’d like to share? Comments below please. We’ve also decided to make our own hearth and fireplace using bits and bobs. I should be cool but yet again, I have no idea what we’re doing. But that’s the fun of it – right?

A bit about my immediate to-do list

Having received an email from my old pal and fellow Deathbru member, John Viola, for the first time in maybe seven or eight years, I’ve decided to get in contact with all my old buddies. Whilst they all know what I’m up to by reading this site I realise I have very little knowledge of what they’ve been up to. So everybody expect a call/email soon!