Pefkos holiday review

July 19th, 2004

Pefkos is a small beach-side resort in Rhodes a stones throw away from the popular town of Lindos. It boasts the best sandy beach in Rhodes with fine white sand and plenty of sunloungers. I spent most of my time swimming in the sea which was totally clear and home to a variety of rather tame fishes. Whilst small, the resort is positively buzzing with friendly restaurants and bars that are the polar opposite of the brash in-your-face bars typified by those in the Faliraki illustrated by ITV’s Club Reps. In fact the whole place is just so chilled out without being dull that our seven days never seemed to drag.

We stayed at the Pefkos Beach Hotel. Perhaps the largest hotel on the resort, it divides itself between b&b hotel rooms and self-catered apartments. Being quite a hilly area, some hotel rooms were quite a few steps away from the swimming pools and hotel bars but fortunately we were given an ideal room. The view out over the bay was absolutely beautiful, allowing us fantastic daily sunsets. The hotel offered a couple of places to eat: The poolside bar served full English breakfasts all day for about five euros along with many other dishes of British and Greek variety. This was a great place to cool off after escaping the midday 45 degree heat. The other place was the Nostalgia restaurant which looks pretty impressive as you walk along the main drag. However, we only ate there once. Whilst the food wasn’t bad, the service was slow due to the high number of diners and the fact that it was on two floors. Rather than subject ourselves to this unnecessary hunger punishment every night we sampled the many fine eateries scattered across the island. One of these, Terpsis, I can highly recommend as the staff were very friendly and accommodating, the food was exceptional and the ambience created by the well-designed interior set the place apart from every other restaurant available. We ate there for three of our seven nights on the island. We were even dining there when Greece won Euro 2004. And what a night that was!

Being on a Greek island whilst the home-nation won Euro 2004 allowed us to seek the Greek party-spirit in full flow. It was easy to get caught up in the revelry as fireworks banged and people sang, danced and waved flags from their cars. The atmosphere was amazing. The weird thing about drinking abroad is that however much I seem to drink, I never get a hangover. So, despite celebrating the Greek victory into the early hours, we still managed to get up nice and early for a trip to Lindos in a glass-bottomed boat. For not a lot of Euros we paid a nice French chap to enjoy a trip to Lindos via a few scenic bays with wrecks that could indeed be seen through the bottom of the boat. Lindos itself is an ancient town with narrow roads that only donkeys and scooters can traverse. An ancient acropolis gives the town its biggest tourist attraction though on the two occasions we’ve been to Lindos we’ve never managed to climb the many steps to the summit where the acropolis lies. Instead we roam the various little trinket shops selling local wares and artefacts as well as the usual touristy tat you see the world over.

Last time we visited Rhodes we rented an off roader and explored a few more of the sites: Rhodes Old town, Prassonissi (where the Med meets the Aegean sea). This time we were more inclined to take it easy at the beach and beach-side bars such as the wonderful Philosophia with its great views over the bay and very friendly staff. We’d definitely visit the resort again as I can honestly say it’s one of the best summer holidays I’ve ever had. 9/10