One has returned

September 6th, 2004

I took a long break away from my computer. Didn’t go near a PC for nearly two weeks. Can’t say I missed the things either. Helen and I took an EasyJet up to Scotland to visit mum in her quaint little Perthshire cottage and sampled the traditional Scottish wilderness – walks and farms and nice healthy food. The air up there is much fresher and I felt thoroughly detoxified on our return (photos on their way). We went down to Southampton to catch up with old friends Ralf, Jacquie and Harry this weekend and were a little less healthy feasting on curry, fry-ups and plenty of alcohol. Fortunately my diet allows me one day of full-fat-filth a week which is just as well.

So we’re back at work and boy is my in-tray full. Can’t say I’ll be posting too much here in the next week but when time becomes available expect thoroughly fascinating tales of my recent furore into the brain-achingly difficult process of configuring an Apache, MySQL and PHP development server environment on a Windows PC. I’ve been doing this in a hope of moving this site over to Textpattern. This time of year is never too conducive with fiddling about with computer things as the call of the sunny pub garden is always a big draw. As the darkness of autumn approaches, I should make steady progress and deliver the redesign I’ve been promising for some time now.

Those who have been following our re-decoration pursuits will be pleased to discover that we’re now 99% done. Critically, our radiators are now back on the walls and more importantly, are working! Not that we need them since September seems to be thinking it’s early August here in the UK right now.