Join me

September 17th, 2004

join-me.jpgHaving already enjoyed author (and accidental cult leader) Danny Wallace’s previous co-written book “Are you Dave Gorman“, I was eagerly anticipating his latest furore into the world of pulp fact. Join me is the true story of how Danny Wallace got bored and decided to create a “collective” in honour of his deceased relation. He becomes rather successful at getting people to join a cult that hasn’t actually got any purpose and doesn’t actually do anything. So, thinking on his feet he comes up with the idea that the cult will do good deeds every Friday. This book tells the tale of exactly how this happened.

On the way we meet a dodgy pensioner who scams people out of their hard-earned by pretending his car’s broken down and he can’t afford the train home. Rather than get really angry at the guy, Danny sets up a “keep Raymond Price out of trouble fund“. He also creates the official Join Me song that can be downloaded from the Join me website.

Read the book, download the song – it’s all utterly hilarious!

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