Weight loss? Fat burn!

September 22nd, 2004

Six weeks into my new healthy regime and I’m already three inches smaller. I’m quite amazed at the amount of fat thatÂ’s been burned from my abused body. Mentored by my ex-boss, Andy, the combination of healthy eating, drinking lots of water and exercising lots has left me with a belt that’s too big to adequately hold up my favourite pair of jeans. You know those adverts where previously obese people put their old clothes on their new skinny bodies? Well that could almost be me. Except the proportions are slightly less exaggerated. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m losing weight – it’s hard to tell. My scales are digital and buggy. They don’t read out a consistent weight over as I step on and off the things. The range can be wildly different – by as much as three quarters of a stone at times! So I’m not going to be trusting anything they say. However, even in their most generous mood, they declare that I’ve lost just under a stone in six weeks.

The weight loss is not actually a massive issue for me though. Being male, I’m not overly bothered about it. I’m exercising lots and as a result my muscles are beefing up. As we all know, as well as devouring fat, muscle weighs more than fat and as a result one can end up weighing even more than when one began the new regime. Seeing as I’m fairly protein heavy at the moment, I’m basically giving the muscles what they need in order to obliterate the hibernation stores good and proper. My carbs remain low but not anything like the scary Atkins stuff. I’m eating good Omega 3 fats (fish, seed and nut oils) and getting pretty inventive with my meals. Critically my sugar intake is at an all-time low. I’ve even managed to cut the alcohol right down (my biggest hurdle). When the more filthy food manages to find its way into my body (once a week on a Saturday) it’s soon washed out by the gallons of water I seem to get through. I’m no longer craving for sugary or processed foods at all. I’m gonna look damn good in those wedding pics.