Moving servers update

November 4th, 2004

This being a personal site, I don’t have a huge amount of time to carry our maintanance on it. This week im very busy doing social and work-related things that I’m probably not going to have the site fully operational for a while. Not a problem unless you’re looking for stuff that hasn’t been uploaded yet.

If you’ve come here through Google or another search engine and are seeing this rather than what you had hoped for, i suggest you search the archives. If you’re looking for photos, portfolio, forums and other stuff, it simply isn’t here yet. Sorry about that. Please be patient.

I’m hoping to do some uploading sunday night and throughout next week. That’s realistic. This weekend is out as I’m celebrating my 26th birthday with a bunch of mates. I guess every now and then I need to take a brake from the virtual world. This is that time.

I’m also redesigning the site (in my head) and will unleash the new look in the next three weeks. I’ll be using a different content management system (textpattern) which will present you with proper permananet links to articles and other content. Moving away from one technology to another is not without headaches. It will all be worthwhile. Trust me.