Nautical Napkins

November 12th, 2004

When I was nine years old I recorded my own radio shows using an old tape recorder and a copy of Now That’s What I call Music 13. Never got a show broadcast on air, though we did write a few letters to various local radio stations. Ocean Sound in Southampton even wrote back with a friendly ‘no’.

So much respect to this nine year old chap setting up his own napkin printing business Nautical Napkins in order to make enough money to buy his own yaught. Seriously, he was interviewed by Matthew Bannister on Radio Five Live last night! This is legit.

My name is Jake Lunn. I am nine years old and live in a little waterside village called Newton Ferrers in the South West of England. I love sports and in particular anything to do with sailing, snowboarding and skateboarding. I got the idea for this website when I was on holiday in Sweden with my family. Our friend Winni who flies Airbuses for SAS invited us on his beautiful Baltic 41 and he had these amazing napkins with the name of his yacht in the corner. I thought they looked really cool. One evening we were all talking in the saloon over dinner and Winni asked me what I was going to do when I grow up. I said that I wanted to earn enough money to buy a big yacht. Everyone laughed and told me I had better start earning some money now if I was going to earn enough to have a yacht.