What’s making my phone buzz? / What’s making my power surge?

November 22nd, 2004

Updated: 25th November

We’ve got two wireless phones in our house that receive a signal from a central pod from the master BT point. The phones work fine, except when stood in certain areas of the house. In these peculiar areas we get a buzzing noise in the phone. I’ve no idea why this is. Anyone know?

Also, in electrical weirdness – we’ve had constant power surges over the weekend. I can list about five times when the lights in our house have gotten brighter for no apparent reason. Whilst using the computer this happened and was accompanied by the sound of static interference in my computer speakers. Very odd. What might be causing this I wonder?

Update: I arrived home on tuesday night to discover much of the pavement along our side of the road having been dug up with cones demarking danger. Since then we’ve not succumbed to any power surges. Two days later we’ve still got holes and cones all over the place but my lightbulbs are a lot happier.

I still don’t know why the phone buzzes though.