Rebuilding Deathbru: part one

November 30th, 2004

Last night’s listening to Deathbru session proved to be rather interesting. Having not listened to much of the material recorded back in 1999 in the last five years I was able to re-evaluate the songs with fresh ears. Amazingly, it wasn’t as much of a painful experience as I’d expected.

The endless bounce-downs of 4-track recordings in order to provide space for more musical layers had been handled quite well on some tracks whilst the omnipresent hiss on others could be the kiss off death to a pretty good piece of music.

Of course, home digital recording has become increasingly more affordable lately and I imagine we’d probably use my copy of cool edit pro to handle the multiple tracks these days. What I found was that I was less interested in the more polished ‘pop’ type tracks and more drawn to the off-the-wall weirdness of pieces like “cowdung song”, “scavenging in the compost” and “sending you to sleep (parts 1 & 2).

I came away from Alex’s ‘studio’ with a strong desire to record more of the peculiar stuff that was the defining point of the early Deathbru of 1992. Whilst pop tunes reap their commercial rewards when done right, I can’t imagine Deathbru ever being particularly popular. Even the name immediately closes doors. So we’ll create something of sonic value for people who like their music a little different. Business as usual then.