End of radio silence (Happy New Year)

January 4th, 2005

As I return to work for the first time since before Christmas I remember I have a kind of diary on my website that I’ve neglected for some time. I must admit that I’ve not been particularly drawn to a computer of any description for some time save for the usual chore of updating my mum’s internet security on her laptop.

I manage quite well without the Internet and my eyes are certainly thankful for the rest from gazing at cathode rays for endless hours each day. Still my job requires me to use a PC and two monitors so I need to get back into the swing of things so why not do the relatively easy task of updating my blog.

Helen and I spent Christmas up in Perth, Scotland with mum. Its was a relaxing affair as we were spared the usual madness that comes with celebrating with the extended family. Don’t get me wrong, as a social animal I love family get togethers, but this year it was nice to just kick back and chillout in front of a roaring log fire whilst snow fell outside. Yes, we had a white Christmas and I’ve photos to prove it.

Obviously the tsunami hideousness put a dampener on things from boxing day onwards but none of our family or friends seem to have been directly affected by it thank god. But bad news to all those poor thousands who have been. Helen and I merely suffered the loss of our Maldives honeymoon (our atoll was devastated). Thompson have said we’d be wise to transfer somewhere else but the Maldives people are confident of rebuilding by May. We’re still undecided as to what to do.

New Year was a great event in Carberry Castle with our friends from Southampton – Harry, Ralf, Jacquie and my brother Hugh coming up to stay. We were joined by Shay, Mandy, Chris and Stephen and Clare and Dave for a tasty Indian meal at the Buckingham Fort restaurant. We managed to pay the bill with half an hour to spare before the new year and promptly hoofed back to our house to unleash the biggest, messiest party popper known to man. The house I’d spent hours cleaning earlier in the day was covered with lots of colourful bits of tissue paper that had an amazing staining ability. Helen went spare! Still, after a few more glasses of champagne we were too far gone to give much of a toss about the state of the house and danced into the early hours before finally retiring to bed. I have plenty of photos which I’ll upload shortly.

And now we’re all suffering from those new years blues. Kind of like the Monday morning feeling but amplified considerably. Helen starts her new job in the pharmaceutical industry today and I return to hundreds of emails of which many are informing me that my mailbox has exceeded its limit!

We’re in the process of writing out wedding invitations and finalising plans for the next big event. More info to follow. I think you’re just about up to speed now. It just remains to wish you all a happy new year.