Another dead fish

February 14th, 2005

The second of my orange ornamental goldfish, Ali-G, finally popped his clogs yesterday after nearly five happy years living with Helen and I. He managed to survive three house moves, two fish tanks and evil bullying by the standard, also dead, George. He succumbed to swim bladder disease. This morning I read a useful a fact sheet on swim bladder disease. One suggested cure is this:

Periodic aspiration of the swim bladder works very well. Basically, you stick a needle in the swim bladder and suck out some of the air. Not something to be entered into lightly, but does work well. This is not a cure, but a successful treatment. The head veterinarian at the Baltimore Aquarium prefers this method.

Fish surgery no less! Having read the article, I now know that when my one surviving fish, Harry Deans, develops the swim bladder symptoms – I’ll be well equipped to save his life. Good old Internet.