How we use the web

February 14th, 2005

Jeremy Keith writes about the nature of how he uses the web. It turns out he uses it in a very similar way to me – for everything. He doesn’t just read sites about web design but he harvests his information from a wide range of places. I suppose I’d imagined that most people used the web in this way. Jeremy blogs about a loads of different topics and I enjoy most of them. He can be a little pedantic with his criticism of other people’s language usage every now and then but evidently language is his passion. He writes well and he’s a Brit so you also get the ironic, dry humour often lacking in US blogs.

I’ve been rather slack updating my own site recently and when I do, I rarely talk about web design stuff. This is because I see the audience for this site largely being family and friends. Most of my family don’t want to read about the latest image replacement technique or box model hack. But I’ve been thinking that I’ll start writing a little more on web design related stuff as I’ve got plenty of things to report on my own experiences with content and project management, CSS and usability. My main problem was how to flag articles on these topics as ‘potentially boring to the rest of you’ but I think I’m going to stop thinking too hard about that and just get writing again. I’ve got a new design and Content Management system just about ready to roll so expect some content soon.

If this article reads pretty bad it’s because there’s some guy sucking up leaves with a particularly noisy machine outside my window. I’ve never found the phrase “I can’t hear my self think” more appropriate.