Nip/Tuck getting weirder

April 4th, 2005

Is it just me or are the storylines on Sky One’s “Nip/Tuck” getting weirder and weirder as series (season) 2 progresses? Last nights episode was particularly odd as Sean McNamara discovered that his best mate and co-surgeon Christian Troy was actually the father of his son Matt. To pay him back for sleeping with his wife played by Joely Richardson, Sean decides to have a threesome with his now ex-mate and a rather stunning hooker. Makes sense, no? I got lost here too. He later sees that he cant work without his old pal when they separate two Siamese twins at the head and they both die (well they did cut right through their brains!). One cannot apparently survive without the other just like Troy and MacNamara! You see, it all makes such sense now.

Other weirdness has included Matt (who looks like a younger version of the current Michael Jackson face) cutting off his own foreskin with a blunt knife ‘cos his girlfriend thought it was odd he had one. Matt is also now going out with an ‘older’ woman whose son also fancies him (and his own mother it would seem). If you haven’t got Sky, catch it next time round on Channel 4. A strange but enjoyable programme ideally suited to the 10pm Sunday night spot.

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