Recommended UK web designers

April 6th, 2005

Since I’m not currently in a position to take on anymore freelance work, anybody looking for a decent UK-based web designer might find the list below of use.

Stephen Turvey
An ex-colleague and very talented designer who currently works for a large regional newspaper publisher. His style is eye-catching and unique but grounded in his solid understanding of the marketing/editorial balance and aesthetic.
Jon Hicks
“Hicksdesign is a one-person design studio, started by Jon Hicks in 2002, after 8 years working as a designer with charities, government bodies and publishers. You won’t hear jargon or pretentious designer talk, I have built a reputation for being friendly and easy to work with.”
Jeremy Keith
A freelance Web Developer living and working in Brighton & Hove in southern England. If you want a decent photogallery on your website that’s nice and dynamic, Jeremy is your man.
Andy Clarke
Andy Clarke has a background in advertising and started Stuff and Nonsense in 1998. He is a passionate advocate of creative, accessible design. He is one of the UKs leading exponants of web site accessibility . He’s also a thoroughly nice chap.
Simon Collison
If you’re looking for a website for your art exhibition or rock group, you’d do well to consider Simon. Recent high-profile work includes the official Libertines website, Jon Burgerman’s new site and the comprehensive Project Facade. Other clients include Poptones and Creation record companies, East Midlands Development Agency, Nottingham City Council and many, many community/voluntary sector organisations.
Andy Budd
Andy is very active in the web design community and highly respect by his peers. Highlights include his flash-based photo gallery on his personal website. He also used to work with the brother of Tim from The Office!
Mark Boulton
Mark Boulton is an award-winning typographic designer based in Cardiff, UK. Specialising in clean, functional design, this site echoes Mark’s design ethos. Balance, form and simplicity, born of a traditional typographic design background fused with web standards and elegant usability.