Staggering around Buckingham

April 26th, 2005

Well we all seem to have survived the weekend’s booze loaded celebrations. Thanks to all who made it a real stag weekend to remember: Hugh, Shay, Stephen, Dave, Matt, James, Rob, Tim, Chris, Ralf and the best man Harry who organised the whole thing. Photos will be available in a password protected area when ready. Out of the 11 cameras, we seem to have only lost three. If you’ve got one, get the pics developed, scan em and send em back to me.

Thanks for not wrecking the house. I’ve a few bits and pieces of lost property to return so let me know if you’re missing a toothbrush, coat or some cigars and I’ll work out how to get them back to you.


One Response to “Staggering around Buckingham”

  1. Stephen (Hoff #3)

    Twas a splendid weekend, definitely to be repeated in the future.