@media – my view and photos

June 13th, 2005

Firstly, there are tonnes of pics on Flickr!.

Secondly, apologies. This is badly written but I’m really strapped for time at the moment. I’ll return to this later hopefully.

Now, what did I think? Well it was great to see some of the web celebs in the Flesh. You know how you build up a picture of what radio presenters look like only to discover you’re radically wrong? Well I’ve been doing the same with bloggers like Jeremy Keith who it turns out has a very similar vocal delivery to TV’s Diarmuid Gavin. Indeed Jeremy’s presentation was one of the few where I learned anything specifically new – namely that DHTML is on it’s way back.

The other speakers were fantastic even if they were covering old ground. I expect that there were plenty of people to whom CSS layout and design is relatively new but for me it was possibly pitched a little low. However, Doug Bowman continues to impress with his amazing design skills and I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation on how he designed Blogger and Adaptive path. He seemed like a really genuine guy and the quality of his slides was over and above anything else from the other speakers. Andy Clarke came a close second with his mod-inspired theme. Clark might not have had much to add to the whole CSS discussion but he was a very entertaining bloke. He certainly generated a few laughs as he dismissed accessibility and complicated code in favour of the notion of pleasing the client. Joe Clark also proved to be very amusing (and he knows it) and was a definite highlight of the event. He has this deadpan delivery and appears to hate everyone and everything in the same way as Jack Dee does. You just know it’s part of the act though. Nobody can really be that miserable.

I met a few people but didn’t manage to meet any of the speakers properly as there were too many other people hovering around. I’m no good at fawning over people though so it might have been for the best as i probably wouldn’t have thought of anything interesting to say. I did have a decent chat to Mark Boulton about typography, design and the BBC which was nice. I had a drunken conversation with Veerle but don’t remember too much of it. I also think I freaked out Richard Rutter by attempting to discuss the intricacies of his Curry recipes. He was keen to edge away from me! I spoke to a load of other people but really would have liked to have had a word with Jeremy Keith, maybe next time. So here’s to @media 2006.


3 Responses to “@media – my view and photos”

  1. Open

    Trust me, it’s not an act. Joe Clark really is that miserable.

  2. Richard Rutter

    ‘keen to edge away from me’? I sincerely hope not! I love talking about food and curries especially, so there must have been some beer-related trauma going on! We’ll try and have a proper chat next time then 🙂

  3. Guy Carberry

    Richard – i look forward to it. Actually the next session was about to begin after the pitfully short tea break.