Helen & Guy’s raised decking project

July 4th, 2005

Having spend a considerable portion of the last two years renovating our house, attention has turned to the garden. Our house rather awkwardly sits upon a hill and the back garden slopes away from the house leaving us with a non-standard british garden that doesn’t especially suit social gathereings. So it seemed only natural that we embark upon a project of creating a raised, level deck.

I drew some basic plans back in January and then set about finding a builder to build my rather ambitious deck. Enter Vincent Landcapes – a local company who gave us a great quote. Having just paid for our own wedding we’re not exactly flushed with cash right now so it was pleasing to discover that we could get the whole deck done to our spec for comparitively low expenditure. Work commences tomorrow and I thought I’d document the process using my blog.

Of course, before any work could take place, a little preparation was necessary. We had a rather badly built patio and wall to demolish first. Demolition is a most enjoyable past-time so myself and Shay took it upon ourselves to complete the task. The first set of photos show us doing just that. You can follow the progress in photos over the next week.

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