Starting with the Zoom layout

July 8th, 2005

Inspired by the assignment Joe Clark set at @media, the current design of this site uses a kind of Zoom layout. Joe suggests that in order to make our websites more accessible we go from multicolumn to single column [check], small fonts to big fonts [check] and simplify and prioritize [check].

So I’ve got myself a zoom layout. I guess I could also create a version with white text on a black background too. The next step is to create the opposite of the zoom layout using more than one column, small fonts and more complexity. I’ll offer this style as an alternative to those who don’t like the default: Zoom layout. I hope to attempt this over the next few weeks if the weather is bad.

Apologies for my writing style of late. You’d be forgiven for thinking that English isn’t my first language! Must. engage. brain.


2 Responses to “Starting with the Zoom layout”

  1. Mark Boulton

    Looking good Guy. I like the idea of zoom as default and offering complex for those who want it – flipping it on it’s head kind of works.

  2. Guy Carberry

    Thanks Mark. It seems to be working ok at the moment. I like the idea of flipping it on its head. We shall see how it pans out!