Initial impressions of the new “Berliner” Guardian

September 12th, 2005

The Guardian newspaper revealed a new look, new format today. It’s a smaller size, following the lead of the Independent and Times. However, it’s not quite tabloid size. It’s somewhere between broadsheet and tabloid. I’m not sure of the exact reasoning behind this but I guess it is better than the awkward size in which the paper was previously presented.

Design-wise it’s pretty nice. I loved the previous design as it was so totally different and modern than any other national paper. The new design seems less airy and cold than before and the full colour employed throughout is very appealing. The only thing i’m not too sure about is the headline font “Guardian Egyptian” as it sits a little uncomfortably with me. The new masthead I really like although it’s not particularly ground-breaking.

They’ve not revamped the online version yet but I’m sure they’ll get round to it eventually.

See the brilliant new Guardian advert here.